Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Math Resources at SJSU, Part 1

I would think that one of the benefits of being a faculty at SJSU would be that one can talk to other colleagues. I find a lot of people using math in general, or statistics in particular, and they do not talk to each other.

Various things occur to me, but the most innocuous thing I can do is to collect some information. So, here is a start.

Bud Gerstman
    Epidemiology Kept Simple
    Supplementary (Unofficial) Web Site for Basic Biostatistics Statistics for Public Health Practice
    StatPrimer 6.4
    Data Analysis With EpiInfo and EpiData Analysis

bus2 090 - Business Statistics (7 sections * 45 students)
hs 167 - Biostatistics (5 sections, 1 * 50 and 4 * 24 students)
ise 130 - engineering statistics (1 section, 75 students)
ise 131 - statistical process control (1 section, 60 students)